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The road to commercial success for a project idea is long where that idea needs to rise from research and numerous development milestones. Our experience, coupled with our attention to funding criteria, will help to build a well informed funding application. We take pride in supporting our clients on the key aspects of EU funding for their project. 

Proposal writing service

proposal writing

Each call for proposals has a number of different elements to take into account before any writing begins. Our team can support the proposal development and definition of your objectives for the project to ensure you are meeting the call objectives accurately. We can work with clients on all aspects of the proposal or on a limited set of elements depending on the client needs.

project admin support

While getting the funding may seem like the most difficult task when competing in EU calls, our experience has shown that drawing down 100% of the allocated funding, is often not given the attention it deserves by participants in EU projects. EU and National project administration is time consuming and can seem complex when this is not your day-to-day business. We have the unique experience of administrating many hundreds of projects over our 22 years and being at the EU side of the table, we have seen a lot!! We understand the eligibility criteria, financial and legal rules so you don’t need to have a deep knowledge – you can concentrate on implementing the project you received funding for!

Admin support - people on laptops

We offer to be an:  

–          Administrative support services partner on your project 

–          Advisor at project start, to help speed up the draw down of funds

–          Advisor during or at the end of the project to help speed up the draw down of funds

–          Advisor for EC audit implementation, follow up of cost eligibility issues and answering the awarding authority questions

We are pleased to be able to shed light on the administrative issues which can delay funding or can possibly result in less funding being drawn down. In our experience, a well thought through strategy for documenting project expenses and reporting milestone-related actions, are key to a successful 100% grant draw down.

Training of clients


We prepare bespoke training for universities and SMEs wishing to participate in EU funding programmes. We can guide you on preparing a good proposal outline, the most essential elements of your proposal and the sound financial management of your grant.

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We offer a scoping service which provides our clients with a tailored set of funding opportunities which could be of interest to your organisation. This involves a deep search of the current and upcoming opportunities which are already published. We know where to look and how to match opportunities with client interest. 

Scoping - searching
Online consultation

online consultation

In this more virtual world we work in nowadays, we are ready to offer online consultations where a potential opportunity has been identified and you, perhaps, seek support with getting your proposal prepared or, as you write it yourself, need support with the call criteria, including financial eligibility of costs issues. Whatever questions you may have or need support with, we can find the answers for you.

This consultation is our means to support you as you draft your application yourself but where you require more information and support to deliver a better proposal. 

online EU information webinars

We are currently preparing to roll out a number of online EU information sessions across different areas. Sign up below for the latest information in our webinar series. 

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